How Your Posture Can Contribute to Stress

This may seem like kind of a strange one, but your posture can add to your experience of stress. Here’s how: Poor posture creates a physical strain on your ligaments and muscles. It literally makes it harder for your body to support your weight…

January 24, 2017
Fertility Period Problems Supplements

Supplements 101: B Vitamins

Another supplement I think most women should be taking regularly is a methylated B vitamin. You NEED Your Bs B vitamins assist in the synthesis of RNA and DNA, which is important for cell health and also vital for creating healthy eggs and maintaining…

January 22, 2017

Supplements 101: Probiotics

Probiotics are one of those supplements I think everyone should be on. Exception if you’re on of those people who happen to ferment their own veggies, but most of us just don’t have time for that! We have more bacterial cells in our bodies…

January 21, 2017

What Type of Eggs Should You Buy?

So you try your best to buy organic produce, you buy pasture-raised meats, grass-fed dairy, and then there are the eggs: we’ve got free range, pasture-raised, organic, certified humane, the list goes on… So what’s the best option? In the school of Michael Pollan,…

January 20, 2017
Lifestyle Nutrition

Sugar: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Hello ladies! So you’re probably catching the drift that sugar is really not good for you, which is true – and also sad for those of us (like me!) who have a pretty major sweet tooth. But what about all those sweet alternatives? Like…

January 19, 2017

Is Gluten Really All That Bad?

Going gluten free seems to be one of the biggest wellness fads in recent years, so what’s the deal? In my humble opinion, gluten is nowhere near as bad as sugar BUT a) most people don’t digest it so well and b) there’s a…

January 18, 2017

Exercise: Sometimes Less Is More

I launched January’s 30-day wellness devotion with a little riff on calories – and how they don’t count the way we think they do. The flipside of that old calories-in-calories-out model is exercise. And more is definitely not always better. Don’t get me wrong, movement is…

January 17, 2017

Ultimate Detox and Cleansing Tools 101

In the past week I’ve been speaking a lot about different ways to optimize the detoxification your body is doing all of the time, and ways to minimize exposure: Set Yourself Up for Success: Kitchen Detox Do You Have a Food Sensitivity? Eating Organic…

January 16, 2017
Beauty Feature

Greening Your Beauty Routine

Just like we talked about the difference that eating organic actually makes, the same is true of our cosmetics and beauty routine. What you put on your skin goes into your body.  Yes, your skin does provide a barrier to the rest of the…

January 15, 2017