Birth Control Pill

Introducing #QUITTHEPILL

June 1, 2017

Hi ladies!

Those of you who have been hanging out with me for a little while will know that my whole deal is women’s hormonal health and helping women feel empowered in their bodies so that they do not need to rely on the synthetic hormones in the pill to feel ‘healthy’. (Because if you need to take a daily pill – that ain’t healthy – amiright?).

And I am still super passionate about that. So much so that I launched an entirely different site:

Over there I will be focusing on helping women avoid going on birth control to manage symptoms in the first place, transition off of hormonal birth control as seamlessly as possible, and troubleshoot post-HBC issues ranging from acne to absent periods. So please check that out (here) if that might be of service to you.

Over here on Libera, I will be blogging about all of the other health and wellness stuff I love. It will be women-centric; working with and not against our female bodies will be first and foremost. BUT I will also be exploring other facets of wellness like spirituality, relationships, books I’m reading, food I’m trying and anything else I stumble across.

Stay tuned for more 🙂

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