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I Tried The Class by TT. Mind. Blown.

June 1, 2017

Some of you may know that I work part-time on the wonderful team of ladies over at Grayce & Co – and last night was our monthly ‘cultural activity’. This month we elected to sign up for The Class by Taryn Toomey, one that was taught by her, and Oh. My. It was an experience.

Ever since I started working on regaining my hormonal health post-birth control pill, I have been limiting intense exercise sessions (learn why). When I do some high intensity stuff, it’s usually courtesy of Erin Stutland and Shrink Sessions, but only for about 20 minutes max.
Jumping into a full blown hour+ class was therefore a little intimidating – but I have to say – I LOVED IT.

Taryn curates an amazing playlist and almost coordinates the moves, which range form jump squats to mountain climbers to burpees, with the songs. Taking poignant pauses to check in with the body and then challenging you to go hard or go home. BUT the emphasis is on taking care of yourself first. Modify as needed. Stay present. Be intentional.

I worked my heart out and probably sweat more than I have in the past three years put together.


My post-workout flush still intact SEVERAL hours later. Also, I seem to have developed flush freckles at my temples. Is this a normal hard workout thing? #nomakeup #nofilter #noproblem

I never thought doing burpees for the duration of an entire song could be a quasi-joyful experience. But it was. And I’ll be back.

Also! The space was gorgeous and complete with crystals and lovely organic bath products (although there is no shower). My newest happy place!


All of the beautiful things!


If you live in NYC, LA or anywhere else she hosts classes (or one of her instructors does), I suggest checking it out.

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