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Libera is the Ancient Roman Goddess of fertility, the earth, wine and freedom.

I named my practice after Libera because it was only after prioritizing my fertility and allowing myself to relax, and find some ease, freedom and enjoyment in my life that I realized just how good I could feel. Now I help other women who are struggling with their fertility, cycle and simply just not feeling vital to do the same. Learn more here.


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Work With Me

Create vibrant health, heal your cycle, and get your fertility goddess on. Get the 1:1 support you crave and stop second-guessing yourself. From a support subscription to bespoke coaching packages, there are plenty of options to guide you!



FixYourPeriod Course

Period expert Nicole Jardim has helped hundreds of women through her online courses, which teach everything you need to know to heal your cycle holistically. In this package, maximize your results with individualized support.

Conceivable App

The Conceivable app provides you with an individualized and responsive program to optimize your fertility over the course of 3 months. Supplements for fertility enhancement and two private sessions with me are included.

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